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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Big Data ?
Generally speaking, the term “Big Data” refers to any data that for whatever reason (not just volume) that cannot be affordably managed by your traditional systems.

The key point is Big Data is a relative concept and is highly contextual to the environment. For example, even if your organization does not accumulate data on a Facebook-like scale, or even if it primarily collects just one type of data, it may well have Big Data challenges as well as opportunities.

What is Hadoop ?
The Hadoop project, which Doug Cutting founded in 2006, is an effort to create open source implementations of internal systems used by Web-scale companies such as Google, Yahoo!, and Facebook to manage and process massive data volumes. In summary, Hadoop enables distributed, parallel processing of large amounts of data across industry-standard servers (with storage and processing occurring on the same machines), and it can scale indefinitely.

With Hadoop, you can continually store more data of all varieties, and then add multiple processing and analytic frameworks on top of it -- rather than moving your data to them, which is typical and expensive.

Why should I choose classroom instructor led training over online classes?
- with no distractions and immersed in a conducive learning environment will ensure maximum value of your time. - real time direction and communication with the instructor to ensure effective answers and encourage live discussion. - alternative approaches and solutions can be tried and tested with the instructor working with each participant. - smaller classes (max 12) assures that each participant has adequate time and input with the instructor. - focused setting with other participants in this specialized session is ideal for building professional relationships and other growth possibilities.
Why do people choose TrendsWell ?
In the industry TrendsWell was one of the commercial providers of Data warehouse/Big data related software and services. It has the largest base of clients with enterprise requirements with the greatest experience and support, Our combined offering of differentiated software (open and closed source), support, training, professional services, and indemnity brings customers the greatest business value, in the shortest amount of time.
Where will the training take place ?

To know about on-coming sessions and place, please visit our Registration page.

Can we visit your office ?
Yes, please visit our contact page to know where we are.
How do I register ?

please visit our Registration page.

Will I get an Accomplishment Statement after completing the course ?

Yes. Students who successfully complete the class will receive a Statement of Accomplishment signed by the instructor.

Is this course right for me ?
  • · If you are a software engineer/ developer or work with database, you should not let go off the chance to learn Hadoop.
Who are the trainers ?

All our trainers are working professionals from within the Industry, having worked for and with leading organizations and have real world experience in Hadoop. Their skill sets are built for both onsite and online training.

Who should go for this course ?

This course is designed for people aspiring to build a career or specialize in being: ∞Big Data Analytics using Hadoop Framework. ∞Software Professionals ∞Analytics Professionals ∞ETL developers, Project Managers, ∞Testing Professionals ∞Professionals who are looking to acquire a solid foundation of Hadoop Architecture. **Existing knowledge of Hadoop is not required for this course.

What If I have queries after I complete this course ?
We are about building relationships – you can count on our ongoing support as you grow and implement your newly acquired skills in your career. Our professionals will be glad to answer any questions to remove any roadblocks on your path to success long after your training is over. Just give us a CALL at +1 (425) 279-7838 OR send a MAIL to contactus@trendswell.com
What are the career prospects in Hadoop ?
Hadoop is one of the hottest career options available today for software engineers. There are around 12,000 jobs currently in U.S. alone for Hadoop developers and demand for Hadoop developers is far more than the availability. To conclude, undoubtedly the striking advantages of Hadoop have made many companies adopt this technology, eventually leading to great demand for Hadoop professionals. Companies are both training their existing employees as well as recruiting from outside as they are realizing the benefits of Hadoop.
What if I have more queries ?
During the course of our work at conferences, training sessions and working directly with our valued clients it became evident that there are still many unanswered question about Hadoop…we created the FAQs to help better understand the values, benefits and prospects of Hadoop training. Please contact us for any further clarification… Just give us a CALL at +1 (425) 279-7838 OR send a MAIL to contactus@trendswell.com

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  • But many people still find themselves wondering just how all this works, and what it means to them. We get a lot of common questions while working with customers, speaking at conferences, and teaching new users about Hadoop. If you, or folks you know, are trying to wrap their head around this Hadoop thing, we hope you find us helpful.